As many as 75% of women suffer from small fibroids.However, only a small percentage of women will have fibroids large enough to be noted during a pelvic exam.  Of these women a large majority may never have symptoms or require treatment. But for the population of women suffering from symptoms such as heavy periods and pelvic pain, treatment options like the myomectomy or Myosure can address the issue.

At the Surgical Gynecology Center of Excellence, we offer a variety of treatment options including the Myosure procedure. To get more information about your treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

What is a Myomectomy?

Myomectomy is the removal of fibroids from the uterus (womb). In contrast to a hysterectomy the uterus remains preserved and the woman retains her reproductive potential. A myomectomy can be performed in a number of ways, depending on the location and number of lesions and is performed under general or spinal anesthesia.


Traditionally a myomectomy is performed via a laparotomy with a full abdominal incision, either vertically or horizontally. This approach is preferred for larger lesions. Recovery after surgery takes six to eight weeks.


A laparoscopic myomectomy does not require us to make a large abdominal incision, it is a less invasive procedure than traditional methods of an abdominal myomectomy. Your stay usually should not be more than 1 day in the hospital and you are on your way to recovery in only 6 days. Laparoscopic surgery is usually performed as out-patient surgery under general anesthesia. Due to smaller incisions, patients can enjoy faster recovery times and smaller scars.


A fibroid that is located in a submucous position is accessible through a hysteroscopy. There are no incisions to the uterus and recovery time is significantly reduced. MyoSure is a type of hysteroscopic myomectomy.

More about the MyoSure Procedure

Simply put, the MyoSure® procedure is a hysteroscopic myomectomy. The MyoSure® tissue removal system is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that eliminates fibroids without having to remove or even cut the uterus. An instrument is inserted into your uterus through the vagina that gently cuts away at the fibroid to take it out of your body. The MyoSure tissue removal system is designed to allow removal of any growths in your uterus without harming your uterine lining.  This is extremely important if you want to have children in the future.

In addition, MyoSure is an outpatient procedure that allows you to go home the same day. On average, a 3 cm fibroid (about the size of a grape) can be removed in approximately 10 minutes. Recovery time from this type of myomectomy is typically two days.

Step-By-Step: How the MyoSure Procedure is Performed

There are three simple steps to the MyoSure procedure:

Step 1: The doctor opens your cervix (the opening to the uterus) slightly by passing through the body’s natural openings (i.e., through the vagina) and inserts a slender camera through your cervix and into your uterus allowing visualization inside.

Step 2: The doctor passes a slender wand through your vagina into your uterus. The side of the wand gently cuts the fibroid or polyp into tiny pieces and suctions the removed tissue through a small open window into the wand and out of your body.

Step 3: Once the fibroid has been taken away, the wand is removed from the uterus. Nothing is left in your body after the procedure.

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